The ASD would through its bulletin and interactive online media platforms inform its members and the Nigeria of its activities and promises that all inquiries and queries raised on any aspect of its operations would be promptly and adequately addressed. The party would form alliances with community media outfits to reach its members and Nigerians across the nooks and crannies of the country.  We assure Nigerians that the bulletins and platforms would be deployed in as many local languages as can be possible.

Developing Alliances for Local Technology Deployment

ASD intends as a party that is committed to research and development engage with all research institutions and Departments and Agencies across the country to develop the required alliances and protocols for deploying such technologies in pursuit of its home grown technology based infrastructure development.

Developing alliances with Socio-Cultural Groups in Nigeria

In pursuit of its social inclusiveness, the ASD would seek alliances with all the identifiable socio-cultural organisations at the national and sub national structures, the aim is to identify with the aspiration of all Nigerians at the levels of their cultural identities and promote such aspirations in creating the narrative for a united and indivisible nation where all citizens are equal before the law.

At the Level of Public Engagements

Ensuring the Security of Lives and Property of Nigerians

The greatest challenge to our corporate identity as a nation presently is insecurity. ASD would approach this destabilising factor through the use of high tech inter-operable monitoring infrastructure capacities for quick response to protect both national, assets, infrastructure and the lives and properties of Nigerians on one hand. On the other hand the ASD would establish proper data bases of all inhabitants in all habitations in the country for the purposes of national planning and human capital development. This twin factors would be tied to our social program that would ensure that every Nigerians becomes the primary responsibility of government

Ending the excruciating Poverty in Nigeria

The ASD is committed to resolving the present oddity of extreme poverty in the country in spite of its huge potentials and huge public sector expenditure on poverty alleviation programs. The party would resolve this seeming intractable but easy to solve dilemma by ensuring the full value of all our natural endowments that at presently at best being disposed at base and low value raw material.

The party would aggressively adopt the policy of products as against low value raw materials for either sale in the local or international markets.

Improved Access to Education and Public Infrastructure for Nigerians with Special Needs

ASD is of the incontrovertible view that every Nigerian must be given equal access to all facets of live and it believes that Nigerians with special need even deserve more attention with regards to education and access to public buildings through the development of special curricula and making certain that every public utility is equipped with the infrastructure to assist such citizens.

To this end, ASD will focus on developing not only the curricula but ensuring that every educational facility from primary to tertiary is equipped with the right infrastructure, curricula, equipment and above all the human capital to attend to this special Nigerians, while ensuring the establishment of a special needs Nigerians institution in every state capital of the country at the first instance with the final goal of establishing one of such schools ultimately in every local government headquarters in Nigeria.

In pursuit of this agenda ASD would promote and emplace automatic employment for all Nigerians equipped with the skills of caring for persons with special needs and such employees would be placed on special salary grades, while institutions with capacities would be properly equipped. In the same vein the ASD would establish special health care centres and skills acquisition centres for Nigerians with special needs and a program to employ as many of them into the public workforce

Resources Development

Every each of the earth in Nigeria is endowed with natural resources ranging from underground water to minerals and agro-allied potentials, The ASD would ensure that all of these natural resources inclusive of the oil and gas are fully value processed before it is utilised either in the local or international markets. ASD in pursuit of this ideal would lay great emphasis on the development and deployment of indigenous technologies into the development of the endowments in view.

Development of Economic Corridors across the Country

The ASD in pursuit of its economic inclusiveness policy would establish resources based economic corridors across the country. These corridors which would common share infrastructure would form the basis of social inclusion as it would be based on land and resources endowments against location. The raw materials from these corridors would form the sources of the raw materials that would be used in retooling the industrial base of the country.

Creating Jobs

Through this listed programs which would be based on the generation of cogent and investible data, we shall create millions of jobs in partnership with the private sector through the initiation of Job Creation Partnerships backed by labour Market Agreements and off taker agreements

Enhancing Nigerian Workers Welfare

The Average Nigerian public or Private sector worker is in dire straits, The Nigerian workforce which is inclusive of the military and para-military services are encumbered by several challenges, ranging from low wages to the absence of social security support in virtually all aspects of his life. Most of the times wages are not paid and when paid are deducted to the point of leaving him to borrow more to survive till the next pay day, The ASD in recognition of this fact would not only review every Nigerian workers wage in line with international best practice and the existing socio-economic realities but would equally review the welfare and pension packages of every Nigerian worker, inclusive but not limited to housing, health care, transportation, educational support and most of all the pension packages of every Nigerian worker with special focus on the development of post retirement or senior life programs for all Nigerian workers

Infrastructure Development

Through this policy, the ASD would develop the needed critical infrastructure like power, rail, roads, seaports, airports and other allied infrastructure  housing, schools, hospitals on demand driven and resulted based models that would not only guarantee the return of investments in the development of such infrastructure but would equally guarantee the sustainability of the jobs created within the economic corridors. This policy program would also introduce the system of mopping up the large youth bulge in the informal sector and equipping them with the prerequisite skill to engage in the formal economy, thereby triggering the decongestion of the cities through urban-rural drift, thus reducing the high rate of crime arising from the frustration of joblessness among most youth in the urban areas.

Formal and Informal Education

The ASD is conscious of the fact that the greatest challenge facing the Nigerian youth is the failed education infrastructure which is incapable of preparing him to live and survive in the shrinking and competitive Nigerian economy. Because of this, most Nigerian youths have resorted to self-help and in most instances crime, prostitution and ultimately the abuse of substances in the face of their failing endeavors and the absence of help from the system.

ASD in promoting its new national ideology recognizes that for Nigeria to build enduring social cohesion, it must eradicate illiteracy and innumeracy.  In pursuit of this need, the party would retool the existing formal education curricula to be more skill based. ASD will equally retool and return to service all the abandoned skill development centers and establish new one that would all be tied to the Job Creation Partnerships and Labor Market/off taker agreements with the private sector.

Public Transportation

In view of the importance of public transportation, ASD is committed to redesigning the existing public transportation systems to be inter-modal with load value funding models. The development of public infrastructure would be tied to the steel sectors as a first charge while the funding of public infrastructure would against the existing yearly budgetary provisions be based on cash flow project funding models.

National Health Care

There is no doubt that the Nigerian health care systems are collapsing, there is hardly any public hospital at all levels that is not in dire need of equipment, drugs and human capital. ASD would redesign the Nigerian health care system with strong focus and emphasis on the primary health care facilities and the research institutions that are focused on the research and development of medical equipment and drugs on one hand while fully focusing on the institutions that train all the human capital required to operate a health care facility.

Climate Change

There is very little doubt that climate change has in no small measure contributed to the conflicts and carnage being witnessed across the country. The ASD equally recognises that the drying up of the Lake Chad and the forced migration of some of the inhabitants of the Lake Chad Basin, added to desertification is greatly contributing to the existing altercation leading to ethnic builds up and confrontations.

The ASD is committed to returning the abandoned Great Green Wall Project to service, as it has the carrying capacities to restore the receding land and return decorum to the region. Added to this, the party would engage in an aggressive land reclamation and restoration program, through the planting of trees and restoration of the minor belts and forest reserves all over the country.

Food Production for National Security

Our nation’s inability to be self-sufficient in food production has exposed our people to the consumption of   foods with low or even no   nutritional value.  This dependence and wrong nutritional intake also has the capacity to affect the overall well-being of Nigerians especially the growing children who are denied of the basic nutritional intake required for them to develop normally. Arising from this high level of dependence and low level support for the local economy Nigerians who are in food production are forced to buy the ingredients and raw materials which often are not standardised from foreign markets and yet face competition from the same suppliers who bring in the same finished products from their own country.

The ASD recognises the importance of food security to national security and is commitment to ensuring that the country is not only self-sufficient in food production but will produce high quality organic and inorganic foods that would meets international standards for nutrition intake with special focus on the foods consumed by children.

To this end we will develop policies that will drive research, innovation and introduction of technologies in investments in the food production chain. In pursuit of this we shall decouple food production as an aspect of Agriculture and treat it as a national security program.

Development of New Smart Cities across Nigeria

Most Nigerians even those in urban and semi-urban areas of the country live in squalors and habitations that are unfit for humans. ASD recognises that housing is a critical component of social integration and national security. To this end, the party is committed to developing new smart cities that would be tied to major national infrastructure. Nigerians would be housed based on their need and capabilities and a lot of focus would be on social housing for unemployed and less endowed Nigerians.

Power Generation and Energy Consumption

The ASD appreciates that reliable and constant energy generation, distribution and utilization is paramount in its drive to industrialize Nigeria. The party is also conscious of the fact that the cost of generating the volume of power required to stabilize the country’s energy requirement is quite enormous and might be difficult to fund solely from budgetary and public sector funding program. In view of the fact the energy is industrial sector demand heavy, the ASD would tie the cost of power development to the industrial complexes in place and emplace a vibrant tax system that would ensure return on investments and return of equity.

On the other hand, ASD will equally develop programs that would fully harness the untapped in coal renewable sustainable solar and geothermal sources around the country.

Improving on the Quality of Public Services in Nigeria

The present quality of public service is to state the least most deplorable and despicable. These poor quality services range from services offered to Nigerians in Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government to public health facilities, schools, hospitals, libraries and other public institutions.

ASD is committed to reversing this existing norm through the establishment of policies that would emplace oversight and penalty for defaulting on public service by both public and private sector service providers.

Promoting Foreign Trade with Bias for Export of Goods and Services

The ASD is of the firm view that Nigeria must focus on the export of its value processed good and services if it is to capture a of the extremely competitive global market if it is to transform the country socially, politically and economically, To this end the party would emplace the required legislation that would superintend standards of goods and services produced in the country. This would require the total overhaul of the existing sub-contracting production to a more inclusive growth based production model.

Retooling the Banking and Financial Systems in Nigeria

The global economic meltdown and economic recession experienced in the country from 2015-2017 has structurally altered the economy of Nigeria. As a result of these two major events, business has closed down, leading to major losses in the financial sector of Nigeria.

ASD is determined to resolve this anomaly through the retooling of the existing rigid and non-inclusive banking and financial services of the avoids investing in start-up and instead funds the importation of goods and services thus promoting capital flight and low patronage of locally produced goods, to this end the ASD will promote the manufacturing, processing, and exportation of value-added goods produced from locally sourced materials.


The overall intent and focus of the Alliance for Democrats (ASD) is to develop a social contract with Nigeria in pursuit of its principle target of reengineering Nigeria on the path of social integration, prosperity and harmony. The sole aspiration of the manifesto is to return and surpass our nations earlier but lost position in the comity of states by making it a one stop global investment hub, and by so doing increase aim is to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of all Nigerians irrespective of class or creed.

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